Our coaches come from a variety of instructional backgrounds but share a deep passion for and expertise in the “nuts and bolts” of effective teaching. Their purpose is to act as a helpful source of support and offer instructional suggestions, information, and resources tailored to faculty member’s classroom experience. Each coach brings 10+ years of teaching experience and 5+ years of instructional coaching experience.


Instructional Coach Spotlight

Sarah James
Harvard University


Sarah is a PhD Candidate in Social Policy and Government at Harvard University. Her research interests include state and local redistributive politics, policy feedback, and civic engagement. In addition to her research, Sarah works with the Bok Center for Teaching and Learning and the Sposato Graduate School of Education, coaching and evaluating educators. Prior to coming to Harvard, Sarah worked as a teacher, department chair, and high school principal in the Boston area. She holds a B.A. with honors from the University of Texas at Austin and an M.Ed. from Boston University.